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5th Grade Slideshows

5th Grade Videos

Take a look at some of these special memories for our 5th grade students from this year and some from further back.

5th Grade Memories Slideshow

2nd Grade Christmas Play

Kindergarten Performance

The HGS Kinesthetic classroom

Moving Minds Through Movement

HGS is thankful to have grant partnerships that provide unique learning opportunities to our students. Ms. Brown has turned her classroom in to a fun, movement-filled learning hub! #EliteLearning


Check out the video for more information on her classroom!

Title I Survey

Title I Survey

Please complete the following survey to help us improve our Title I program.

Title I Survey

To kiss a pig or to not kiss a pig, that is the question!

Food Bank Donation

HGS donated 400 food items to our local families in need during the winter food drive. As a way to encourage the student to participate, the principal at the school with the largest donation will have to kiss a pig. Will that be Mr. Lassiter? I guess we will have to wait and see. 

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